Monday, June 18, 2012

As Popular As Hello Kitty Cookies

As We all know Hello Kitty Cookie are very popular with adults and children. Today I would like to show you other cat cookies, which are as popular as Hello Kitty Cookies.

Use Cat Metal Cookie Cutter to cut the cookies and then bake them. The more important part is decoration.
1. Paint the outline of the cat
2. Paint the eyes of cat
3. Decorate the face
 4. Finish to decorate the face
 5. Paint the whiskers
 6. Use white color to decorate the eyes.
 7. Make some little decoration
 8. Paint bowknot
 9. Finally decorat the eyes. 
The whole black cat is finished. The decoration is simple and you can decorate them with your children. How do you think of it? 

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