Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonderful idea for Valentine's Day

If you can make the egg into heart shape for your love or families. He or She will love the egg much more. Have a good dinner time. 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012

Ice Cream with Fire

Have heard this for so long a time. Today I have time to have a look at it. It is a ice cream. But it is special as it has the fire on it. When the waiter put it onto the table, I took this picture. Beautiful and Yummy! Love it~

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Valentine Cookie Cutter

With more and more cookie cutters launched, Lescoo has various shapes cookie cutters or cookie cutter set products for Vanlentine's Day. 

The following are the most popular cookie cutter products for this season. These products can be used not only for Vanlentine's Day, but for wedding, birthday or daily use. 

This is a very popular product in our company for its various use and beautiful shapes. 
You can click the name of each product for more information. Pls contact, if needed.  

New Cookie Cutters

Lescoo Industrial Co., Ltd. Launched a new product. It is a home themed cookie cutter set. When you see the picture you will feel warm.

This cookie cutter includes, a big heart shape cutter, father shape cutter, mother shape cutter and 2 babies cutter.
It suit to the whole family make cookie together.

Lescoo also has another item, which not only includes the all the shapes above, but with the house shape. You can see the following picture.

If you like any of them, pls feel free to let us know. or visit our website for more cookie cutters.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Use a cutter to make 20+ cookies

I cannot believe that the following cookies are made by one star cookie cutters.How beautiful it is! I believe many other cookie cutters can also make various beautiful cookies.

If you want cookie cutters, Lescoo can help you. Visit to see more cookie cutters. 

What cookie cutters can do?

As we all know Cookie Cutters are used to cut cookies. Do you know any other functions of cookie cutters?
Let's see. You can use any shapes of cookie cutter to cut the cucumber or watermelon or any fruit you think can be cutted by cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters can also be used to curve pumpkin. You can see the following pictures. This Halloween will be more beautiful.